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Maintaining your golf cart...

One of the most important things about your golf cart is its maintenance.. when neglected it leads to poor performance, costly part replacements, premature battery death, and ultimately your car may need a bunch of frame work from corrosion.. Which sucks!! So knowing that i would hope that you would like to know how to avoid these problems.. And by reading this page you just got one up on other cart owners, cause i am going to share the things too look for, things to check, and things to do for routine maintenance....

battery water check

First thing i suggest every electric golf car owner to get is one of these.. It is a battery filler is can be ordered at most part stores for around 20 bucks..  This battery filler is used to properly fill your batteries. You just fill it up with water, remove the battery caps and put the tip in the hole, then you will feel the bubbles inside until it is full then the vibrations will stop then you just move on to the next ones.. A 36 volt car has 3 holes per battery and a 48 will have 4.  It is time consuming but should be done three times a year..


This is a “ZERK” fitting..

The front end of your car will have what are called "Zerk's" or "Grease Fittings" on it, Club car will have 5. all of these need to be greased at least once a season. You do this by fitting the grease gun nozzle over the Zerk and pushing hard till it sets in place and you can pump it without making a mess all over your gun. then pump it till grease comes out anywhere else but the tip of your gun.. you will see what I'm talking about when you do it :)... OK next you need to jack up the front of your car.. be careful doing this.. jack up the frond of your car and spin your front tires one at a time.. you are listening for bearing noises (snaps or pops).. if you hear them contact your local golf car mechanic to obtain parts cause they need replacing..

now that the front end is done .. time to check the rear. with the car on level ground look at the rear end, you will notice the "pumpkin" of the rear end and two bolts that are holding nothing in place, these will usually be on the driver side of the pumpkin.. the upper most one is the level check for the rear end, you will need to pull that and if fluid comes out then you are good. but is none comes it needs topped off with gear oil.. this can be found at and auto parts store.. check that level once a year...

Breaks and Tires

ok  breaks.... so you will need to jack up the rear end, again be careful. then remove the tires.. you will notice a brake drum, pull it, you may need a good sized wrench to remove a nut if its a ezgo just make sure it goes back on good and tight with the cotter pin.. blow away any dust with break cleaner and inspect for cracks and wear. if there is almost nothing left of them or they are oily or cracked contact your local golf cart parts guy and order some cause they probably need changing..

     Then just air up tires and your done.. that is what many pay $150 for, and you just learned it!!  many things you will just figure out after a few times around but there you go... Happy Golfing!!!